Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Connecticut Secretary of State Race-Vote Jerry Farrell

The Connecticut Secretary of State race is an interesting one in 2010. We have seen the political self destruction of the current Secretary of State and the current Democratic candidate Denise Merrill is unsure as to what was saved or spent in her current role as House Majority Leader. With the economic debacle that has transpired under her leadership why would you want to vote for her as Secretary of State and keep her on the state's payroll? Why is she qualified to be Secretary of State? Because she is owed a Democratic political favor?
The Republican candidate is the current Consumer Protection Commissioner, Jerry Farrell, Jr. As Commissioner, Mr. Farrell has saved the state a substantial amount of monies by implementing a system consolidating the Department’s records and licensing systems. Once implemented, he asked another agency to abandon its own similar plan and brought that agency into the Consumer Protection Agency system saving taxpayer’s millions of dollars. I wonder how much Denise Merrill has cost the state in her reign? Billions of dollars in my economic opinion. Mr. Farrell also wishes to streamline the Secretary of State's office and make it user friendly for small businesses. He also will consolidate and create cost saving measures for state taxpayers.
I am personally tired of seeing the under ticket for state government be a retirement home for the Democratic party in Connecticut with absolutely no new ideas as to how to run the office. We have a logical choice in November as we have only one candidate who is willing to save taxpayers monies. Vote for Republican Jerry Farrell, Jr. for Secretary of State.

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