Monday, August 23, 2010

What Is The Plan For Connecticut's Enormous Debt?

I am curious. What is the plan for Connecticut's enormous debt? The Democratic super majority is now pointing fingers apparently at Governor Rell. Why I can not understand from an economics point of view. Connecticut's budget has grown to a ridiculous level over the past twenty years-twenty years of Democratic House and Senate rule along with an economically illiterate liberal Governor Lowell "Income Tax" Weicker. Income Tax Weicker shoved the state income tax down taxpayers throats and we have seen spending increase to astronomical proportions. And we have now incredible short term and long term debt with no end in site.
I am curious as to why we are continuing to trust our economic future to the hands of the tax and spend Democrat party? What is their plan? More taxes and more spending, I can not read anything different.
We really need change if we are going to survive economically. This election the Republicans are offering excellent candidates in Mike Vitali for State Representative in Wallingford, Jerry Farrell, Jr. for Secretary of State, Jeff Wright for Treasurer, Jack Orchulli for Comptroller, Martha Dean for Attorney General and Tom Foley for Governor. We can not economically afford the illogical Democratic super majority rule any longer.

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