Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Martha Dean For Attorney General

What a breath of fresh air! Martha Dean for Attorney General. Actually when Martha gets elected we can actually see some form of normalcy and the end of the brutal anti business sentiment that has engulfed this office for so many years under the Blumenthal regime. And the amount of tax monies he has wasted pursuing his political agenda, all the while never working a productive day in his life.
No, I truly believe Martha Dean is a breath of fresh air to represent Connecticut as our next Attorney General. She will help eliminate the mere 36,000 current frivolous lawsuits that the Blumenthal regime has helped to create. How can you not consider this a waste of taxpayer's monies even if you are a Democrat? And for what purpose? To get yourself in front of a television camera as Blumenthal needed to do on a daily basis?
What happened to upholding the law as Attorney General? I know that Attorney Dean will do this as her philosophies and integrity will not be compromised.
I will quote her from her website
Martha Dean's Priorities as Attorney General

1. To help Connecticut create a strong and competitive economy that benefits us all by:
* ensuring that law-abiding businesses are allowed to prosper in Connecticut
* ending the practice of trial by press release so that law-abiding companies are not driven away from, or out of, Connecticut
* vigorously enforcing consumer protection and environmental laws, since rebuilding our economy turns in part on Connecticut being a desirable place to live
* focusing on litigating only those enforcement actions that are supported by strong facts and clear law
2. To end select federal or state practices that run afoul of the U.S. Constitution, namely by:
* working with the legislature to end eminent domain abuse to provide better protection of citizens' property rights
* ending the inappropriate use of the AG's office to raise revenue, since this is the exclusive province of the legislature under our separation of powers form of constitutional democracy
* challenging the part of Obamacare that forces every American citizen to purchase health insurance, since it is an inappropriate expansion of federal power
3. To provide commonsense, timely and skilled legal advice to state agencies and officials by:
* working with the Governor, Treasurer, Comptroller and Secretary of State to accomplish the State's legal business efficiently while protecting the fundamental rights of the people
* identifying proposed legislation that does not appear to pass constitutional muster and working with the legislature to modify it appropriately
4. Continue the practice of the AG of educating the public on the laws of Connecticut, and legal issues of the day by:
* speaking to Connecticut's students about our legal system and respect for the law
* participating in debates on important legal issues
* educating the general public about the federal and state Constitutions and the important framework they provide in securing citizens' basic rights.

I hope you will vote for Martha Dean for Attorney General. I know my family will on November 2nd.

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