Saturday, August 21, 2010

Connecticut's Never Ending Debt-The New Round

A few billion here. A few billion there. What is a few billion dollars if you are the super majority Democratically controlled Connecticut House and Senate. If you are a Democrat you need not worry about the states debt. It is never the Democrats problem it is the other persons problem. Like the minority Republicans or better yet the taxpayers who have to support the constant and persistent wasteful spending of these same super majority Democrats. Then after the election we hear that no programs can be cut thus we must raise taxes. And so it goes over and over again. Like a car with no brakes, there are no fiscal restraints for the super majority. And why should they cut spending and not raise taxes? Simply put, they do not know how.
The road they are leading Connecticut taxpayers down is economically unsustainable and is doing a good job to help ruin our state's economy. It is the road of economic turmoil. Again I ask why would you want to vote these same economically illiterate Democrats back into office come November? Vote them out.

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