Monday, August 30, 2010

The Lost Senate Seat-Or Why Linda Will Win

Dick Blumenthal is lost. He in my economic opinion has lost the Senate race. He has no plan whatsoever. I am clueless as to where he stands on any issue other than he lied about his service to our country and has made a career being an anti business lawsuit in your face Attorney General. And he has help to make our state one of the most anti-business states in the country.
All the characteristics of what you want in a United States Senator-he actually would be a good follow for the equally economically illiterate and the on the take Chris Dodd, who still does not understand his sweetheart mortgage deal. What a debacle.
Linda McMahon will win this Senate seat. She actually has an economic plan that makes sense. This from her website:
“People create jobs, not governments.”

Washington got the stimulus dead wrong. In a matter of months, Washington spent trillions of dollars and ran it all through government bureaucracy. Instead of creating new private sector jobs, we got more job losses, bigger government and more debt — more than $13 trillion in federal debt that will cause long-term harm to the economy.

I believe government’s role in economic recovery must be to help create an environment where small businesses can succeed and grow. Small businesses have historically created 70% of new jobs — jobs that are self-sustaining and have a multiplier effect. Government jobs don’t do that. To grow, small businesses need a reduced tax burden and predictability so that they can plan and make investments. The economy is trying to recover, but Washington won’t let it. It is spending too much and creating tax and regulatory uncertainty that is paralyzing small businesses and stifling job creation.

It’s time for Washington to take an honest assessment, recognize these economic policies are failing and change course. We need to stop government growth and deficit spending. Smaller government will decrease the tax burden on small businesses and it will help reduce debilitating federal regulations that make it difficult to impossible for small businesses to plan for the future, expand and create jobs.

Dick Blumenthal has lost-he knows nothing about economics. Vote for Linda on election day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Martha Dean For Attorney General

What a breath of fresh air! Martha Dean for Attorney General. Actually when Martha gets elected we can actually see some form of normalcy and the end of the brutal anti business sentiment that has engulfed this office for so many years under the Blumenthal regime. And the amount of tax monies he has wasted pursuing his political agenda, all the while never working a productive day in his life.
No, I truly believe Martha Dean is a breath of fresh air to represent Connecticut as our next Attorney General. She will help eliminate the mere 36,000 current frivolous lawsuits that the Blumenthal regime has helped to create. How can you not consider this a waste of taxpayer's monies even if you are a Democrat? And for what purpose? To get yourself in front of a television camera as Blumenthal needed to do on a daily basis?
What happened to upholding the law as Attorney General? I know that Attorney Dean will do this as her philosophies and integrity will not be compromised.
I will quote her from her website
Martha Dean's Priorities as Attorney General

1. To help Connecticut create a strong and competitive economy that benefits us all by:
* ensuring that law-abiding businesses are allowed to prosper in Connecticut
* ending the practice of trial by press release so that law-abiding companies are not driven away from, or out of, Connecticut
* vigorously enforcing consumer protection and environmental laws, since rebuilding our economy turns in part on Connecticut being a desirable place to live
* focusing on litigating only those enforcement actions that are supported by strong facts and clear law
2. To end select federal or state practices that run afoul of the U.S. Constitution, namely by:
* working with the legislature to end eminent domain abuse to provide better protection of citizens' property rights
* ending the inappropriate use of the AG's office to raise revenue, since this is the exclusive province of the legislature under our separation of powers form of constitutional democracy
* challenging the part of Obamacare that forces every American citizen to purchase health insurance, since it is an inappropriate expansion of federal power
3. To provide commonsense, timely and skilled legal advice to state agencies and officials by:
* working with the Governor, Treasurer, Comptroller and Secretary of State to accomplish the State's legal business efficiently while protecting the fundamental rights of the people
* identifying proposed legislation that does not appear to pass constitutional muster and working with the legislature to modify it appropriately
4. Continue the practice of the AG of educating the public on the laws of Connecticut, and legal issues of the day by:
* speaking to Connecticut's students about our legal system and respect for the law
* participating in debates on important legal issues
* educating the general public about the federal and state Constitutions and the important framework they provide in securing citizens' basic rights.

I hope you will vote for Martha Dean for Attorney General. I know my family will on November 2nd.

Monday, August 23, 2010

What Is The Plan For Connecticut's Enormous Debt?

I am curious. What is the plan for Connecticut's enormous debt? The Democratic super majority is now pointing fingers apparently at Governor Rell. Why I can not understand from an economics point of view. Connecticut's budget has grown to a ridiculous level over the past twenty years-twenty years of Democratic House and Senate rule along with an economically illiterate liberal Governor Lowell "Income Tax" Weicker. Income Tax Weicker shoved the state income tax down taxpayers throats and we have seen spending increase to astronomical proportions. And we have now incredible short term and long term debt with no end in site.
I am curious as to why we are continuing to trust our economic future to the hands of the tax and spend Democrat party? What is their plan? More taxes and more spending, I can not read anything different.
We really need change if we are going to survive economically. This election the Republicans are offering excellent candidates in Mike Vitali for State Representative in Wallingford, Jerry Farrell, Jr. for Secretary of State, Jeff Wright for Treasurer, Jack Orchulli for Comptroller, Martha Dean for Attorney General and Tom Foley for Governor. We can not economically afford the illogical Democratic super majority rule any longer.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Connecticut's Never Ending Debt-The New Round

A few billion here. A few billion there. What is a few billion dollars if you are the super majority Democratically controlled Connecticut House and Senate. If you are a Democrat you need not worry about the states debt. It is never the Democrats problem it is the other persons problem. Like the minority Republicans or better yet the taxpayers who have to support the constant and persistent wasteful spending of these same super majority Democrats. Then after the election we hear that no programs can be cut thus we must raise taxes. And so it goes over and over again. Like a car with no brakes, there are no fiscal restraints for the super majority. And why should they cut spending and not raise taxes? Simply put, they do not know how.
The road they are leading Connecticut taxpayers down is economically unsustainable and is doing a good job to help ruin our state's economy. It is the road of economic turmoil. Again I ask why would you want to vote these same economically illiterate Democrats back into office come November? Vote them out.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Communism and Rosa DeLauro-Why Are We Not Voting For Jerry Labriola?

Communism is alive and well in Connecticut's Third Congressional District. Going unnoticed by the media and the public was the front page photo in the New Haven Register Thursday 8/12 of Connecticut's Third Congressional District Representative Rosa DeLauro and Communist Party Chairperson Joelle Fishman hugging each other at a party for Social Security's 75th Anniversary. Since when do Communists embrace Social Security? We can see Connecticut's Third Congressional District Representative true political bend. She has now brought her liberalism to a new peak by embracing publicly a Communist. And obviously she is very proud of it. For the Democratic Party is a party of out control. It is a party whose hatred of our country shines through each and every day by the progressive totalitarianism of the Obama Administration and the destruction of the American Economy. Now Connecticut's Third Congressional District Representative Rosa DeLauro has insulted all the Veterans in her district, all the freedom loving individuals in her district and all the taxpayers in her district by this hug.
And she is actually running for reelection. She along with her Democratic friends; Charlie Rangel, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Franks and Harry Reid need to go. The disrespect for our country is sickening. What has she done in all of these years of power? Nothing.
In November the voters of Connecticut's Third Congressional District have a clear choice. Vote for an American, Jerry Labriola for Congress. Please do not let the deaths of all of those who died for our country fighting against Communism be in vain.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vote for Mike Vitali in the 85th District

Mike Vitali is running for State Representative trying to earn votes to represent Wallingford in the 85th District. He is running against the Queen of tax and spend State Representative Mary Mushinsky who has been in office way too long and has been totally ineffective in representing us for too many years. He is an articulate young man who would have the best interests of Wallingford at heart. He is a local graduate of our school system and has been active in our community. He has refreshing ideas about the excessive taxes we pay in our state, concerned about his generation fleeing our state for better opportunities out of state and is worried about the massive debt Connecticut has. He is a breath of fresh air in this election. He is deserving of your vote in November. Change is essential in Hartford, Mike Vitali can lead that change for us in November. Please vote for him.