Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why Excessive Bank Fees?

In my economic opinion banks are no longer user friendly. There are now making a large profit at the expense of taxpayers and consumers. Their fee structure is excessive considering banks do not offer any incentives to grow their customer’s savings and help them create wealth. Bank consumers need to be aware of this and not go blindly into their personal finances at 0.01% interest. This to me creates a disincentive to save. The value of your deposit is non existent due to this negative savings rate coupled with massive fees that banks charge you for your various accounts and transactions.
Now add to this a financial reform bill which further insults bank customers and will make it even more difficult to create new wealth in our economy.
The financial industry and this Administration has declared war on the investment and savings consumers and the net result will be a further decline in our economy due to the disincentives to save and invest. Thus what is the point of this policy? To help preserve old wealth, old banking mentality and old politicians who can control it with economically illogical laws, rules and fees? All of these areas harm the banking and investing consumer. Why?

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