Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Health Care Spin By Rosa DeLauro Or Why You Should Vote For Jerry Labriola

Rosa DeLauro must be running for reelection as can be seen by her recent propaganda piece on the recent socialized health care bill she helped to pass in Congress. This slick taxpayer paid for four color printed piece which was addressed to my daughter (we know she would not send it to anyone else in the house) shows how far out of touch with reality Democrats are with their socialized health care plan. The economic lies are far reaching in this piece. For example how this bill will actually reduce the deficit (which one-yearly or part of the $13 trillion dollar Obama national debt?) by $143 billion dollars in 10 years and then $1.2 trillion in the second ten years is beyond economic logic. How much does the bill actually spend and therefore how can it actually save this mythical money? No one knows because no one understands the economic implications of the ruining of the free market system that this bill embraces along with a socialized health care system that still does not address medical tort reform. How is it paid for? Tax the investments of rich families who earn $250,000 a year? Why? Why are they being penalized for their desire to get ahead in life and follow the free market economic system? Tax it and spend it, more of the same of the stale socialism of Rosa DeLauro and her fellow Democrats. This brochure is just a comical waste of taxpayers monies. Repeal this horrific law which will damage our economy beyond repair and force businesses to forget about expansion. This health care plan will make America sick.
It is a debacle of a bill. Thanks Rosa and by the way, if you are upset then you should vote for Jerry Labriola her opponent in November. Maybe change might then just work.

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SJ Reidhead said...

I am so glad to see someone besides moi harp on DeLauro. What a horror she is.

The Pink Flamingo