Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Stop Taking Campaign Donations

If capitalism is that bad, why do political candidates take campaign contributions from companies and corporations in our economy? Is capitalism is that evil why do political candidates sell themselves to the highest bidder? If money and wealth is that bad for our economy, why does the political system embrace taking it to help them buy their election? Chris Dodd is an excellent example of this theory. And the list is endless on both sides of the political spectrum. This debacle of selling their votes and office have help to erode our economy in my economic opinion and it needs to stop. Democracy does not function when being sold to the highest bidder and for those who can afford to buy their elected officials. Congress, a fantasy land of wealth, nobility and unlimited perks needs to reform itself with regards to its payoffs.
Or we need a new form of Democracy minus the self serving, stale, corrupted elected officials found at the Federal and state levels.
Stop taking cash. Stop this way of government.

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