Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When Illegal Means Democrat Votes

Such a fuss over the new Arizona Immigration Law. In my economic opinion this new law will help their economy and law enforcement agencies. I am confused by liberals and Democrats who do not understand that an illegal immigrant is here illegally and it is against the law for them to be here. These same laws that should be enforced and are not are paid for by taxpayers like you and me. We do not see positive economic results when you have people breaking the law like these illegal immigrants. Why is it difficult to understand that illegal immigrants are here in our country illegally and need to be sent back to their countries? My grandparents legally immigrated to the United States, become United States citizens and worked all of their lives without any type of governmental aid. They helped to make our country. Illegal immigrants do not help in this manner, they are a huge drain to our states economies.
But I know that the Democrat party can not wait to make all of those illegal immigrants legal so they get them registered and working/voting for their party. Thus illegal in this case is a means to the end, another Democratic vote for more damage to our economy.

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David X Johnson said...


As to why both parties have ignored this issue for so long, it has a lot to do with money. Illegals are counted in the census, thus they help push a safe-haven state to a better spot at the public troff. Agra business (among others) also lobby Congress heavily to ignore the issue. Congress tends to listen to people with money in hand more than they do their constituents.

There is already a financial burden on our social systems - welfare, healthcare etc. - because of illegal immigration ... and now we are faced with the problem of crime spilling over the border.