Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Two Presidents of Southern Connecticut State University At Connecticut Taxpayer's Expense

Now let me try to figure this waste of Connecticut taxpayer's monies. Southern Connecticut State University had a capable President in Cheryl Norton. She apparently was not wanted by Connecticut State University System Chancellor David G. Carter, who apparently can hire and fire at will with no checks or balances in the state's University system. He hires Stanley Battle, former president of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, as the new interim president of Southern. Apparently Battle and Carter were colleagues at Eastern Connecticut State University when Carter was Eastern's president in the 1990s, hey so what's wrong with a little cronyism in education at taxpayer's expense? Thus taxpayers will be footing a the bill for two Southern Presidents and we are not allowed to know why Norton was dismissed in the first place. Norton still gets paid for one year at $280,000 plus while Battle gets paid for the same position at $280,000 plus. What a waste of taxpayer's monies in the time of an economic crisis.
And by the way as a graduate of Southern, do not ever bother asking me a for a donation to the school again. If you can afford two presidents, then you have more than enough money to operate your school.

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