Monday, April 12, 2010

Still No Word On Health Costs And New Taxes

The super secret 2000+ page socialist health care bill is still really not being discussed in depth by the administration. The administrations fears are well founded once citizens and small business owners start seeing the higher costs for more limited health care and new taxes which this socialized health care bill brings to them. Taxpayers will be even more up in arms over the now runaway national debt which soon will be unable to be financed through treasury sales. No prudent investor will want to buy it any more.
All for the sake of limited and rationed care. All for the beauty of an elitist President who has no sense of economic reality in his dream socialist state he is trying to create for our country. All for the lies he told throughout the campaign about cooperation and lack of transparency.
And I still have no word on health care costs and new taxes by the administration.

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