Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Opposition Starts-The Mushinsky Survey

I enjoy state elections. I am always optimistic of change, when Democrats at a state and national level are voted out of office and responsible governing might actually take place in both Hartford and Washington. It is the time of year when "concerned" State Representatives like Wallingford's Mary Mushinsky send out their surveys to try to show they somehow care about what taxpayers actually think. Her survey which I received in the mail yesterday is comical in nature. She has many teaser questions-what are our concerns and what do we fear? Why should we fear anything if we actually had leadership and effective government in Hartford and Washington? And since Mushinsky has been in office for so many years overseeing this economic debacle has developed with her Democratic Super Majority in Hartford, I would venture to guess that most taxpayers in her district fear two more years of Democrat rule in Hartford coupled with still yet higher taxes and higher spending. Her party's budget offers yet $353+ million in higher spending while the state is
$500+million in a deficit and has the audacity to ask if we as taxpayers favor or do not favor yet even higher taxes in the state. There is no economic reasoning whatsoever by Mushinsky and her fellow Democrats. They are the reason why Connecticut is #1 in taxes, virtually last in new job development and economic growth. The Democrats should actually take responsibility for their lack of leadership in Hartford.
The opposition has started, surveys like hers do nothing for overburdened taxpayers in her District. She will ignore them as she has done in the past and continue to vote for higher spending and higher taxes. We can no longer afford in Connecticut a Democratic Super Majority. The time is now for change.

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