Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Speaker Of The House Wants Your Money When You Die

Chris Donovan wants your money. Better yet he demands it when you die. After all dead people who have paid taxes all of their lives and were taxed on it all of their lives, need to pay more when they die. They need when they are dead to help support the Speakers social welfare programs which are economically inefficient and help waste taxpayers monies year in and year out. Dead people through his 3.5% tax on their estates need to pay more when they die. By taxing dead people the Democrats feel that more economic growth will take place in our already overtaxed state. From what school of economics this comes from is beyond me. It will just lead even more wealthy people out of the state and to states which are tax friendly.
Our state government needs a desperate change. It is obvious to me Mr. Donovan has never worked a productive day in his life and lives in an economic fantasy land. We as taxpayers must support his lack of leadership and his failed programs.
November 2010 is coming and his super majority will come to a grinding halt.

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