Monday, March 22, 2010

I Am Really Sick Now-Work To Repeal This Debacle

Hey I am really sick now, but wait in 2013, I will never have to worry about it again. From my bankrupted federal government I will have socialized health care brought to me by gerrymandering, earmarks and excessively high taxes. Need an operation? Just wait until 2013, no problem. Medicine? Just wait until the generic comes out in 2013, produced in China. Specialist visit? Just wait until 2013 when the handful of medical specialists left will possibly see you. Medicare? Hey it is for everyone now, elderly will not need it now since most of their care will be eliminated and they can die sooner.
The nicest part of this bill however rests upon the theory and reality that the Democratic party for many years from this day forward will be a minority party in government at all levels. They have truly shown their incompetence to lead and govern with this debacle of a bill. They have shown how far out of touch with reality they are in 2010.
I am even more sick now than I was when I started writing this. Is it 2013 yet?
Repeal this bill.


David X Johnson said...

There is also the option under the 10th Amendment to block this state by state.

David X Johnson said...

See also Florida suit.