Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Health Care At Any Cost

Yes we must have health care at any cost. Congress must vote on it no matter what. There needs to be no compromise, no debate, just ram it down taxpayers throats and be done with it. Who cares anyways? Taxpayers are experiencing an out-of-touch one term President who is desperately trying to show our country why his programs are better and are necessary for our well-being. Yet not understanding anything about the concept of economic costs or the pending national bankruptcy due to a national debt of $13 trillion dollars and rising, he must force this failed agenda down taxpayers throats. And at the same time a massive cover-up continues with Mr. Rangel and his lies. Double standards thrive in this administration and taxpayers are sick of this rhetoric, sick of the Washington lies and sick of the direction of our country.
America needs leadership and economic growth not chronic new taxes to rape the vibrancy of our economy. We can not afford socialized health care nor can we afford a $13 trillion dollar national debt.
No-we do not want health care at any cost in 2010.

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David X said...

The President is right that if the government does not do something about Medicare and Social Security, it will bankrupt the country. He's wrong in his solution. Healthcre costs are driven up through mismanagement by government.

Healthcare is not one of the enumerated powers granted Congress by the Constitution. The only power they rightly wield is to make commerce regular between the states insofar as healthcare insurance can not be purchased across state lines. This drives up costs due to the lack of competition.

In my state of NJ, the cost of car insurance was horrific. Prices didn't decline until the government started to ease regulation and implement tort reform. Competition return and priced declined. The same can happen for healthcare.