Thursday, March 25, 2010

Connecticut Democrats To Connecticut Taxpayers- Drop Dead If You Think We Will Cut Spending

I really have to hand it to the Connecticut Democratic super majority and their budget plan. Let's increase spending by $353 million dollars and raise taxes. Yawn. So what else is new? More, higher, greater spending coupled with the same stale government excesses and you have the Connecticut Democratic super majority. How can the Democrats be serious to raise spending by another $353 million dollars while they still have not solved the $1 billion dollar deficit that we are in? How economically illiterate can they be? This is the most ridiculous state budget I have seen in my life. Do they understand what unemployment is and what an economic recession is?
I truly hope that the voters of Connecticut finally wake and vote these elitists out of office in November. No matter at what level of government, the Democratic party is out of touch with any type of economic reality and they have no ability to lead or govern. This budget is just another shining example of it.

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