Monday, February 01, 2010

Why Federal Spending Will Not Be Cut

Federal spending will not be cut. Politically there can never be fiscal conservatism and a cutting of excessive taxes. Spending drives politics in Washington. Washington buys its influence and votes through excessive spending. The most fiscally irresponsible spending usually the higher stakes (although it has put Chris Dodd out to pasture and has caused Ted Kennedy to turn in his grave). Earmarks drives elections and re-elections, thus for such a fiscally irresponsible President to now call for superficial spending cuts and freezes on such a small part of the budget, it will do nothing for the massive national debt he is responsible for. Now add another $1.6 trillion dollars to that debt for the coming fiscal year. Why? And taxpayers must embrace this budget? A budget that is fiscally irresponsible and mismanaged. One year from now I will be writing about the coming $14 trillion dollar national debt. A debt that buys votes and that is all. A debt that is ruining our economy and children's future.
Yes, federal spending will not be cut. Words are cheap and economics not understood in this administration.

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