Sunday, February 07, 2010

Let Us Tax Connecticut Lobbyists

Here is thinking out of the box: let us tax Connecticut lobbyists. There are 3789 lobbyists representing 1327 clients that were registered in the state as of 2008. I do not have the figures for 2009. But wait here is a golden opportunity to help pay for the $1 billion dollar budget deficit in 2010 and the $58 billion +/- in unfunded liabilities that Connecticut has, TAX LOBBYISTS! Why wasn't this thought of before? The 3789 registered lobbyists from both sides of the political aisle can be taxed and taxed and taxed a little more. The heck with just registration fees let us tax them to death like we tax private citizens and businesses here in our state. What is good for us should be good for them.
I urge taxpayers in our state to bombard their elected Super Majority Democratic Representatives and Senators to force them to pass a new tax on these 3789 non productive and costly lobbyists who have help to create the ruinous economic landscape that we have today.
Let us tax Connecticut lobbyists today-we can not afford to wait another second.

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David X said...

I like the sentiment but it will probably be shot down as an infringement of free speech. Besides, there are already too many new regulations to fix the negative consequences of previous regulation. It's a mess.

We need to reduce the size, influence and costs of the government at all levels so that there is little for lobbyists to go after. In my state, for example, the new Governor ran on an anti-corruption platform but is distracted by the budget crisis. I think that if he succeeds in solving the budget problem (by cutting) he will also be successful in reducing fraud ... because there will be less for crooks to steal.