Tuesday, February 23, 2010

America's Lost Years 2009-2012

4 years lost. I personally hate to waste time. 2009,2010,2011,2012 will be known as America's lost years. Lost economically, lost militarily, lost politically and lost for future generations. Lost in the sense of a lack of leadership, a lack of a vision and a lack of a plan. 4 years lost.
Runaway federal deficit spending. A lack of a strong military. A super majority Congress completely out of touch with either economic or political realities. 4 years lost.
A campaign to nothingness that never ends. Mediocre accomplishments that are meaningless and prove nothing. And a national debt which has the ability to completely bankrupt the economy. To be paid for by those yet unborn. 4 years lost.
Why must we waste these four years with this ineptness?
I really would like to know-we as voters and taxpayers of our country truly deserved better than this debacle that we have sitting in Washington.

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