Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Illogical and Economically Damaging Policies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

There are illogical and economically damaging policies of the government run Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage giants which will impact taxpayers for years to come. Washington in its quest to buy votes by placing everyone they possibly could in a home must now face the economically damaging policies set forth by these two agencies. Fannie and Freddie own well over $5 trillion dollars in mortgages in our credit markets. How much of that $5 trillion is good or bad is truly unknown to the taxpayers who are underwriting them. You see there is no accounting of the actual exposure to the mortgages for taxpayers. Is $4 trillion bad debt? $3 trillion? Pick a number and your guess is as good as mine. Taxpayers have no idea how much of their monies have been wasted by these two agencies of economic liberalism. My realistic guess is that half of their portfolio will be written off as either bad debt or drop in value over the next five years. In other words taxpayers will be out $2.5 trillion dollars of their monies.
I wonder why the Obama administration is afraid of accounting for our monies? Would it be damaging? These failed housing policies continue to go unchecked in Washington. Taxpayers need to demand to see where our monies are being spent once and for all.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

America's Lost Years 2009-2012

4 years lost. I personally hate to waste time. 2009,2010,2011,2012 will be known as America's lost years. Lost economically, lost militarily, lost politically and lost for future generations. Lost in the sense of a lack of leadership, a lack of a vision and a lack of a plan. 4 years lost.
Runaway federal deficit spending. A lack of a strong military. A super majority Congress completely out of touch with either economic or political realities. 4 years lost.
A campaign to nothingness that never ends. Mediocre accomplishments that are meaningless and prove nothing. And a national debt which has the ability to completely bankrupt the economy. To be paid for by those yet unborn. 4 years lost.
Why must we waste these four years with this ineptness?
I really would like to know-we as voters and taxpayers of our country truly deserved better than this debacle that we have sitting in Washington.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Once Again Nationalized Health Care Shoved Down Our Throats

I really have to hand it to the Obama Administration. They really are in tune with the American public and taxpayers in general. What his latest move? Along with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, he would support holding a reconciliation vote on a public option. Even though the American public and taxpayers do not want it, let us ram socialized health care down our throats. Let us go against our democracy and the will of the American people and force them to accept the liberalism of this administration which is out of touch with the economic reality of 2010. By doing this I feel comfortable in the view that the Democrats should lose even more seats in 2010 in both the House and the Senate. I am sure Dick Blumenthal agrees with this move also-what hasn't he gone on record showing his support for it? After all isn't he our new Senator from Connecticut?
I as a taxpayer have had enough. And I am sure most taxpayers have had enough of this illogical plan. We do not want nationalized health care-done by a reconciliation vote and Congress will truly see the wrath of the American voting public-today, tommorrow and for the future.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UConn's Tuition Up, Up and Away!

Hey what's another 6.3% tuition increase. Tuition at UConn has only gone up 55% in ten years adjusted for inflation. And UConn will be hiring even more employees for the upcoming year. And where will it end? Doesn't state taxpayers contribute a great deal to the upkeep and budget of UConn each year? And what are they actually receiving for it? We know the school can not do without. That is not acceptable to taxpayer funded education. We know no expense can be cut back and or monies saved each fiscal year. No,we hear more of the same all of the time, raise tuition and fees and be happy about it. And how much will be the increase in 2010-11? Another 6.3%?
Thus higher education is continuing to be priced out of the range of the working middle class here in Connecticut. And graduates why do you wish to stay here after you graduate? I do not know.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Of Course Washington Wishes To Raise Taxes

Of course Congress wishes to raise taxes. You as educated citizens do not know what is good for you. It is much better for elite and corrupt members of Congress to dictate to you what you can and can't have. Shame on you for questioning this failed logic. Of course Mr. Obama stated during the campaign he was not going to raise taxes and of course now he wishes to raise them seeing that he has helped to bankrupt our government in 13 months. And naturally Congress with its negative approval ratings embraces more redistribution of wealth during a recession showing their economic illiteracy at every step. I could never imagine the economic debacle that is playing out today in Washington. I could never imagine the lack of leadership that we have in our economy today. I can also see why the Tea Party movement is growing in strength and is becoming a positive dynamic political force in the upcoming elections. We need change in Washington and we need it to start immediately. An elitist Congress coupled with an inexperienced President will help our recession continue for years. And no there is no way 95,000 new jobs will be created monthly, it is economic fantasy.
Economic reality will change the course of Congress in November.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Let Us Tax Connecticut Lobbyists

Here is thinking out of the box: let us tax Connecticut lobbyists. There are 3789 lobbyists representing 1327 clients that were registered in the state as of 2008. I do not have the figures for 2009. But wait here is a golden opportunity to help pay for the $1 billion dollar budget deficit in 2010 and the $58 billion +/- in unfunded liabilities that Connecticut has, TAX LOBBYISTS! Why wasn't this thought of before? The 3789 registered lobbyists from both sides of the political aisle can be taxed and taxed and taxed a little more. The heck with just registration fees let us tax them to death like we tax private citizens and businesses here in our state. What is good for us should be good for them.
I urge taxpayers in our state to bombard their elected Super Majority Democratic Representatives and Senators to force them to pass a new tax on these 3789 non productive and costly lobbyists who have help to create the ruinous economic landscape that we have today.
Let us tax Connecticut lobbyists today-we can not afford to wait another second.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A $1.6 Trillion Dollar Federal Budget Deficit Means Fiscal Restraint

Yes, a $1.6 trillion dollar budget deficit means fiscal restraint. It could have been $1.7 trillion dollars or any number picked out of the surrealistic Democratic sky. It apparently is a bi-partisan budget deficit that Mr. Obama is talking about, a budget deficit which actually saves dollars like the stimulus plan which saved jobs. What dollars that are saved is economically unclear to me (and what do I know about economics?) and how the United States is going to fund a $14 trillion dollar national debt is also economically unclear to me since trillions dollars of wealth have been lost in this recession. Also equally unclear to me is why the Obama Administration wishes to raise so many taxes on individuals and investors especially those making $50,000 to $499,999. a year? What does this prove-greater supposed redistribution of wealth? Isn't there irony in this situation, while Congress controls their personal wealth?
Higher taxes, higher debt and more fiscal irresponsibility by the Obama Administration. 2010 is here and voting has begun. The end of this fiscal irresponsibility is fast approaching. Please do not lie to me about economics, there is no fiscal restraint being shown by this Administration.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Why Federal Spending Will Not Be Cut

Federal spending will not be cut. Politically there can never be fiscal conservatism and a cutting of excessive taxes. Spending drives politics in Washington. Washington buys its influence and votes through excessive spending. The most fiscally irresponsible spending usually the higher stakes (although it has put Chris Dodd out to pasture and has caused Ted Kennedy to turn in his grave). Earmarks drives elections and re-elections, thus for such a fiscally irresponsible President to now call for superficial spending cuts and freezes on such a small part of the budget, it will do nothing for the massive national debt he is responsible for. Now add another $1.6 trillion dollars to that debt for the coming fiscal year. Why? And taxpayers must embrace this budget? A budget that is fiscally irresponsible and mismanaged. One year from now I will be writing about the coming $14 trillion dollar national debt. A debt that buys votes and that is all. A debt that is ruining our economy and children's future.
Yes, federal spending will not be cut. Words are cheap and economics not understood in this administration.