Friday, January 22, 2010

Let The Tidal Wave Begin

Let the tidal wave begin, may it spread to Connecticutax. Is Dick Blumenthal nervous? Of course he is. Is he a strong candidate? In his mind he is. The thought of Ned Lamont as Governor truly sickens me also. The tidal wave against socialism, liberalism and excessive taxation has begun only a few miles away from our poorly governed and overtaxed state. It is spreading to our state.
The Connecticutax Democrats have to be scared. The media will try to help them spin this debacle as best as they can to try to cover up the years of poor government that the Democrats have given us both on a federal and state level.
However, Dodd was dumped, Blumenthal will lose, Lamont will lose and Donovan will go to minority status. Connecticut voters are fed up and see 2010 as a time of change in this new decade. The lies of years past by the Democrats are being remembered by voters and taxpayers. They have had enough. The tidal wave has begun and the Democrats here in Connecticut can no longer paddle their deceptions any more.

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