Friday, January 29, 2010

Democrats Spoil Mayor Dickinson's Party

The Democratic party at all levels of government loves to spend money. They love to force unnecessary costs on all of us. I really have to laugh at Wallingford Democratic Town Chairmen Vincent Avallone's complaint of a dinner in which Wallingford Mayor Bill Dickinson will be honored for the many years of positive service to the town. The Mayor will not receive any funds from the dinner nor are any funds being raised for any political purpose. Any money which is above and beyond the expenses of the dinner will be donated to several different Wallingford civic organizations.
Thus according to the Democrats it is against state election law since even though no money has been raised for any candidate, Mr. Avallone feels that this is a testimonial for the Mayor and can't be done. Thus he files the complaint. Now we have the paradox of this argument. Here is the Democratic party in Wallingford which can not even field a candidate for Mayor in the last election, doing whatever it can to find fault with the Republicans in town and their majorities in the Mayor's office, Town Council and Board of Education. We can also assume that the most critical issue in Wallingford today is if this simple dinner can be allowed to go on or not, or must it cost the Republicans a large fine to the state thanks to the legalese of Mr. Avallone. And the other big loser will be the Wallingford civic organizations who would have benefited from receiving money from the dinner. Thus the Democrats have helped to promote another lose-lose situation. They can not field a candidate to run against Dickinson, they condemn his dinner as being against state law and they are against civic organizations in our town receiving donations. If you are a registered Democrat in Wallingford, I would truly question why your leadership must resort to this foolishness. Maybe your party could be spending the time to actually field real candidates for local office. Oh I forgot, this is really the most crucial issue in Wallingford today. It is obvious why the Wallingford Democrats are in the minority in 2010 and will be for a long period of time in the future.

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