Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Again Coming Economic Storm

The economic storm is brewing again. It will be harsh. It will long. It continues to create havoc in our economy. I do not see much positive economic news on the horizon. We have a spend happy Congress which has become totally separated from the people they represent. What is the actual costs of the socialized health care plan they wish to ram down our throats? How much money has and will TARP lose for taxpayers? What is the economic point of cap and trade? What is the plan to pay down the national debt? How is this debt going to be financed in the future? At what cost? What is the plan to clear the toxic debt out of the financial markets? Why are economic financial whistle blowers silenced? What are the economic implications for the continuing wars in the Middle East? What are the unfunded liabilities of the federal government and how will they be financed? What are the plans to spur private job growth in the future since the unreported unemployment rate is around 18% and climbing each day? When are taxes going to be cut to stimulate the economy? And the questions continue ad infintum. 2010 is here and it will be time to vote these fools out of office at all levels of government.

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