Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Federal Government Dream Crushers

The Federal Government never ceases to amaze me in their new role as dream crushers. Last time I looked America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. With our current administration we can change that to the land of the regulation and the home of the timid. We have economic dream crushers at every step in Washington. As their windows of opportunity to force socialistic economic policies closing with each day before the 2010 elections, each day brings forth new, irrational anti-economic growth, socialistic economic policies which clearly make no sense to our economy.
The anti consumer/business Consumer Financial Protection Agency law, passed by the House is yet another example of foolish economics endorsed by economically illiterate politicians. Yet another bill which will drive up costs for consumers. The EPA will now help strip the remaining production out of economy with their scare tactics regarding cap and trade. Sick, socialized medicine is just around the corner since apparently 5% of our population does not have health insurance, thus we must cripple and make ill the remaining 95% who actually do. And the list goes on and on.
We have raped the American dream by a group of ill prepared, ill serving, economically illiterate politicians and officials. By stripping our economic power and growth we have laid the foundation for horrific economic times. Hopefully a new Congress in 2010 will start to repeal many of these laws by this ridiculous and self serving Congress and administration. We truly have taxation without representation once again.

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David X said...

I heard of a man who came to America from communist Hungary to become a cardiologist. He is now shocked to see America turn socialist over-night. The doctors says they are going to cut medicare reimbursements to specialists, like himself, while increasing payments to the know-nothing-about-anything general practitioners (every mis-diagnosis I or my wife has ever had came from a GP). This cardiologist says it costs him 6 million a year to run his practice. He may go out of business after they cut the medicare reimbursements.

This idiocy from the clowns in Congress is only going to drive up costs for the rest of us as hospitals and medical providers must compensate for declining medicare reimbursements.

It's rationing! Economics tells us that rationing leads to scarcities and higher prices. The government will put medical providers out of business (scarcity) and drive up prices for everyone. This is reform?