Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Connecticut Economic War

In case you are visiting from another planet, Connecticut's budget is messed up again. The smokescreen budget which the Democratic super majority rammed down the throats of taxpayers here is unraveling as we speak. Tax revenues continue to collapse, the mythical state sales tax cut is gone and the Democrat drumbeat of new and higher taxes is starting to grow once again.
Governor Rell's attempt to cut spending by freezing enrollment in our state socialized health care plan and some minor cuts in state agency budgets has met the stonewall of union backed Democrat Speaker of the House Chris Donovan. Donovan now rolls out his highly paid public relations pests to bombard the media of how many innocent peoples lives will be affected and how many unionized jobs will be lost with these cuts. His simplistic alternative is just to continue to raise taxes and force more businesses and citizens out of the state. So much for economic logic.
Donovan and his Democratic super majority really need to come up with some new arguments as to why we must keep social welfare spending so high in our state. The results of these billions spent are poor at best. In my economic opinion, it is only done to continue to buy influence and votes in Hartford. The economic damage that they are doing to our economy is reprehensible to taxpayers. Economic leadership is non existent in Hartford and the blame for the economic fall of Connecticut lies squarely on the Democrats who are unable to lead.

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David X said...

Bob, the unions are entrenched so deep into government that many municipalities are going bankrupt as a last resort to get out of the union labor contracts.

The pork "stimulus" funds went to states to protect union jobs. GM senior debt holders received 33 cents per dollar of secured debt while the UAW received 60 cents for unsecured debt. One of Obama's first executive orders was to make all union contracts union contracts.

I never associated creeping socialism with unions until now. With so many union jobs and influence in government, the incentive will be to create ever more government jobs and perks ... ever more entrenched.

Soon, we will all work for the government.