Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chris Donovan's Letter Writing Campaign

I have been noticing an increase in the number of Letters to the Editor in the Record Journal written by individuals praising the virtues of Speaker of the House Chris Donovan. Why I do not know other than to once again deflect criticism of his failed legislative session and raising taxes yet once again on our state. I will also add that his last plan to cut the deficit makes absolutely no economic sense to me nor will it work. Does Donovan understand the amount of debt and unfunded liabilities that the state has? Does Donovan understand that the excessively high tax rate that Connecticut has continues to force businesses and its citizens out of the state? What exactly are the results of the massive spending on all sorts of dependent social welfare programs, none of which by the way can be cut? Are the results to keep welfare for fourth and fifth generations of families, so their votes will be safe for the Democrats? And what gives the right to the state to tax inheritances? Hasn't money which has been earned been taxed already? Or are there never enough taxes for the Connecticut Democratic party?
Cut spending and cut taxes. Words which would never come out of the mouth of Chris Donovan and his letter writers.

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