Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chris Donovan's Letter Writing Campaign

I have been noticing an increase in the number of Letters to the Editor in the Record Journal written by individuals praising the virtues of Speaker of the House Chris Donovan. Why I do not know other than to once again deflect criticism of his failed legislative session and raising taxes yet once again on our state. I will also add that his last plan to cut the deficit makes absolutely no economic sense to me nor will it work. Does Donovan understand the amount of debt and unfunded liabilities that the state has? Does Donovan understand that the excessively high tax rate that Connecticut has continues to force businesses and its citizens out of the state? What exactly are the results of the massive spending on all sorts of dependent social welfare programs, none of which by the way can be cut? Are the results to keep welfare for fourth and fifth generations of families, so their votes will be safe for the Democrats? And what gives the right to the state to tax inheritances? Hasn't money which has been earned been taxed already? Or are there never enough taxes for the Connecticut Democratic party?
Cut spending and cut taxes. Words which would never come out of the mouth of Chris Donovan and his letter writers.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Doesn't Congress Accept Their Own Health Care Plan?

Why doesn't Congress accept their own health care plan to cover themselves? Why don't they enroll themselves in Medicare when they retire? Why must taxpayers accept this failed, unhealthy expensive plan and Congress refuses? These are the questions that taxpayers must now ask their pompous Represenatatives and Senators as the two bills are debated. And the Republicans should now have the guts to fillabuster both bills as they stand. Does Congress feel that taxpayers are that stupid to accept this miserable will bill which will raise the national debt enormously, ration and make more expensive limited health care, and do away with research and technology in drugs, medical care and medical equipment? Congress has failed in its efforts to reform health care. It does not touch tort reform. It does not touch the costs of health care demand by illegal immigrants. It does not touch intertstate medical insurance plans. It just creates socialized health care and rationed care.
2010 will the great awakening for Congress as many Representatives and Senators become unemployed. Stop this unhealthy non reform bill today.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Change-What Change?

Change-What change you ask? I have no idea that there has been any type of change in our political system in either Washington or Hartford. In Hartford we are viewing the complete bankrupting of our state government by the Democratic super majority. A super majority who can cut no spending, produce no results and is spending our tax monies into a bankruptcy for the state. For 2010 our Democratic super majority is offering us higher taxes and increased long term debt for our children. They have chosen to keep their heads in the sand and walk away from fiscal responsibility.
In Washington, Congress has chosen not to address the economy or private sector job creation. They have decided to break our health care system, ruin healthy lives, raise taxes to unsustainable levels, and walk away from fiscal responsibility by increasing the national debt by $4 trillion dollars. All in the name of change. Change-What change you ask?
State and national elections will be here in a few months and we as voters and taxpayers will be creating the change by voting these stale and corrupt politicians out of office. I am confident of that. Change-2010 style.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chris Dodd For Sale - Please Buy My Vote=$100 Million Dump Dodd 2010

I wasn't offered anything for my vote nor did I get a sweetheart mortgage deal either. You see I play by the rules and laws of our society. These same laws and rules do not apply to the United States Congress especially for Senator Chris Dodd. Dodd has shaken taxpayers for another $100 million dollars to ensure his vote on the horrific health care bill which has been rammed down the throats of taxpayers. Dodd's vote was guaranteed by giving $100 million of taxpayer's monies to help prop up and build another monument to the University of Connecticut Health Care Center while holding state taxpayers to foot 60% of the bill. Economic logic? Good spending? No and no. But a great way for the inept and politically corrupt Chris Dodd to buy votes in his failing re-election campaign of the century.
I am amazed at the lack of economic reasoning exhibited by this administration and this congress, just spend until it can't be financed any more and bankrupt our country. And the logic of Chris Dodd is that it is all about his failed leadership, his failed policies, his failed ethics and his failed career.
Dump Dodd in 2010.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Connecticut Economic War

In case you are visiting from another planet, Connecticut's budget is messed up again. The smokescreen budget which the Democratic super majority rammed down the throats of taxpayers here is unraveling as we speak. Tax revenues continue to collapse, the mythical state sales tax cut is gone and the Democrat drumbeat of new and higher taxes is starting to grow once again.
Governor Rell's attempt to cut spending by freezing enrollment in our state socialized health care plan and some minor cuts in state agency budgets has met the stonewall of union backed Democrat Speaker of the House Chris Donovan. Donovan now rolls out his highly paid public relations pests to bombard the media of how many innocent peoples lives will be affected and how many unionized jobs will be lost with these cuts. His simplistic alternative is just to continue to raise taxes and force more businesses and citizens out of the state. So much for economic logic.
Donovan and his Democratic super majority really need to come up with some new arguments as to why we must keep social welfare spending so high in our state. The results of these billions spent are poor at best. In my economic opinion, it is only done to continue to buy influence and votes in Hartford. The economic damage that they are doing to our economy is reprehensible to taxpayers. Economic leadership is non existent in Hartford and the blame for the economic fall of Connecticut lies squarely on the Democrats who are unable to lead.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Federal Government Dream Crushers

The Federal Government never ceases to amaze me in their new role as dream crushers. Last time I looked America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. With our current administration we can change that to the land of the regulation and the home of the timid. We have economic dream crushers at every step in Washington. As their windows of opportunity to force socialistic economic policies closing with each day before the 2010 elections, each day brings forth new, irrational anti-economic growth, socialistic economic policies which clearly make no sense to our economy.
The anti consumer/business Consumer Financial Protection Agency law, passed by the House is yet another example of foolish economics endorsed by economically illiterate politicians. Yet another bill which will drive up costs for consumers. The EPA will now help strip the remaining production out of economy with their scare tactics regarding cap and trade. Sick, socialized medicine is just around the corner since apparently 5% of our population does not have health insurance, thus we must cripple and make ill the remaining 95% who actually do. And the list goes on and on.
We have raped the American dream by a group of ill prepared, ill serving, economically illiterate politicians and officials. By stripping our economic power and growth we have laid the foundation for horrific economic times. Hopefully a new Congress in 2010 will start to repeal many of these laws by this ridiculous and self serving Congress and administration. We truly have taxation without representation once again.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dodd Responds Poorly

In my economic opinion Chris Dodd responded poorly, very poorly. I would like to share with my most recent response from our soon-to-be ex-Senator from Connecticut received via email on 11/17/09

Dear Mr. Swick:

Thank you for contacting me concerning the cost of government action to address our current economic crisis. I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter.
Years of fiscal recklessness coupled with a lack of regulatory oversight helped to contribute to the current economic crisis which has left millions of Americans struggling to keep their homes and their jobs.
Swick Speak:Mr. Dodd how long have you been in office and how long have your failed policies been in place?
To address this very serious downturn, Congress acted decisively to pass legislation to stabilize the financial system, as well as a substantial stimulus bill to help halt the further decline of our economy. These swift, aggressive actions have already succeeded in preventing a complete collapse of our financial system, as well as helped move our economy from the very brink of disaster. However, these actions must be followed by substantive reforms that will provide a new foundation for American prosperity in the 21st century, as well as diligent oversight to ensure that taxpayer funds are used appropriately.
Swick Speak: Mr. Dodd again what have these actions done other than increase the national debt? By controlling more of the economy how do you create any foundation for prosperity? By raising taxes and the debt to appease your liberal party?

Our current economic crisis has helped to further expose several weaknesses in the United States economy, including a broken health care system, dependence on foreign oil, and deteriorating infrastructure. In order to fundamentally strengthen our economy, we need to refocus our national priorities toward reinvesting here in the United States to the benefit of the American people. For example, it has been estimated that merely cutting one to two percent from our current health care costs-which represent an astronomical 16 percent of our total Gross Domestic Product-will generate billions in savings for the U.S. government and taxpayers.
Swick Speak: Mr. Dodd how many years have you been in office to accomplish all of this? You continue the lies of your party about health care reform which will do nothing economically for us other than increase taxes, ration health care and still afford you the best of health care since Congress refuses to join the poor and unhealthy health care system they are creating for the rest of the country. How many years have we had to become energy independent yet your party stonewalls any attempt to drill domestically , build new refineries and promote nuclear power?

Investing in our future will require significant investments in the near-term, as well as take time to truly work effectively. I understand that the magnitude of these issues invites spirited debate and disagreement from all sides as to how best to proceed. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind as I continue to my work to end our current economic crisis and ensure an accelerated, full recovery.
Again, thank you for contacting me. If you would like to stay in touch with me on this or other issues of importance, please visit my website at and subscribe to receive my regular e-mail updates. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I may be of assistance to you in any way.


United States Senator
CJD: jh

What is lost in this comical response is the total avoidance of any wrong doing. Dodd has been head of the Senate Banking Committee for how long? What about his sweetheart mortgage deal? His blessings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when they were shown to be insolvent? And the list goes on and on, ad infinitum.
Enough of the rhetoric, 2010 is almost here and a new Senator will be elected in Connecticut.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Stop This Mindless Economic Endless War...

I always get a laugh driving by a car that has the anti-Bush "Stop This Endless War" bumper sticker on it. I have always thought of printing up one that states, "Stop This Mindless Economic Endless War..." I feel like rolling down the window and yelling at the person driving, "Your boy really has stopped the war hasn't he?" "It has only been one year now!" And then drive away.
Because now he is fighting on three fronts, Iraq, a new and complex escalation in Afghanistan and in our country on the domestic front. It took the President three months to decide on what he decided upon back then-more troops. A great sign of indecisiveness, sort of like LBJ back in Vietnam. And at the same time fighting with taxpayers to give up their medical insurance and care along with their environmental freedom for the sake of higher taxes and a failed socialist economic agenda that is coming apart at the seams. Taxpayers are sick of the war at all three fronts, Iraq, Afghanistan and in our country against those who work for a living and pay taxes. Maybe it is time to start to win the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and let the free market economy work without governmental intervention. But I sense a loss on all three fronts by 2011 with a real change in the form of a new Congress in 2010 and a new Commander-in-Chief in 2012. Then all of the wars will end.