Monday, November 23, 2009

Let Us Spend Even More Money

Yes, let us spend even more money. We are illiterate when it comes to finance. We want to be entitled so we do not have to work in our lifetimes. Other people need to work not us. We also deserve it. Our interpretation of the United States Constitution says we can have it. So what if we are now $13 trillion dollars in debt. It is not my problem. Who cares about unfunded liabilities? Who really cares if we have jobs, all we care about is pork and earmarks. How much is my vote worth? To me $300 million is not enough! What do you mean we broke away from England over taxation without representation...get use to it sucker. Tax and spend. Tax and spend. And have nothing to show for it either.

Yes let us spend even more money. We are the 2009 United States Congress, the most out of touch with reality Congress ever.

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David X said...

Bob, it's the inevitable outcome of the entitlement state. The majority think Congress is doing a terrible job, but their Senator is doing a great job (because he brings home the pork). Everyone agrees that the government is spending too much but nobody wants their entitlement to be cut.

Now the government is quickly reaching it's 12.1 statutory limit on deficit. If it's not raise (and of course Congress will raise it) the government must default on its debt. S&P already warned in October that the UK's debt could be downgraded. The US, it seems, is not far behind.