Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Congress To Taxpayers-Drop Dead. We Will Under Their Health Care Plan.

By taxpayers dropping dead there will be more health care available to those living under the House health care plan that was recently passed and read by very few who actually voted on it. It is a victory for socialism, poor health care service, government run health care, rationing of health care services, massive tax increases and a higher national debt. What is actually good about the bill? In my economic opinion, little if anything. We see tax increases to pay for the rationed care. We see jail terms for those who do not wish to or can afford the health plans being offered or the penalty for not paying for it. We see death panels to help push along those terminally ill to speed up their deaths. And the list goes on and on.
The United States House of Representatives is a legislative body completely out of touch with economic realty nor do they wish to represent those people who elected them by passing this bill.
Tort reform, health savings accounts, well care were all lost in this bill-a bill crafted by socialists whose failed politically philosophies are being rammed down taxpayers throats. 2010 elections can not happen soon enough.

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