Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vincent Cervoni For Wallingford Town Council

Another strong candidate that the Wallingford Republican party is running for Town Council this election is Vincent Cervoni. He is in favor of low taxes and continued economic growth for Wallingford. He is in favor of tax incentives to help bring more small businesses to Wallingford. In my opinion Cervoni would an excellent addition to the Town Council for the taxpayers of Wallingford.

Taken from the Wallingford GOP website,
“I have made my home in Wallingford for fifteen years and am proud to be a resident of this Town. I believe that the quality of life for Wallingford residents is terrific in light of the variety of services and opportunities available to residents. I have enjoyed public service and my prior experience in municipal government. I would enjoy the opportunity to utilize my municipal and leadership experience to represent the residents of Wallingford on the Town Council.”
You can find more information at his website
Mr. Cervoni has my vote this November.

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