Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Unrealistic Baucus Plan

Another socialistic health plan. What is another $829 billion dollars spent? It supposedly saves $81 billion dollars. How, if you spending $829 billion dollars and raising taxes by about $313 billion dollars? Those using Medicare advantage will see a massive cut in their policies as spending for that will be cut by over $117 billion dollars. Thus senior citizens will have cuts in their health care, do not be fooled by the new rhetoric coming out of this plan. Immediacy is not realistic as this plan will take over 10 years to implement (like the failed economic stimulus plan, no results, high debt). Thus why the rush? Why the waste of taxpayers monies? Why in the face of taxpayer opposition must we accept a bad law and costly mandate? All for the socialist and failed economic policies of the Obama administration.
Obamacare and Baucuscare will help bankrupt our country and make America sick. All in the spirit of socialistic change. They are other healthy alternatives to this medical debacle.

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