Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tom Laffin for Wallingford Town Council

I like Tom Laffin. I am going to vote for him as one of my votes for Wallingford Town Council. Tom currently is on the Wallingford Board of Education serving his second term. He is articulate when it comes to issues that have come before him at the Board of Education. He is a life long resident of Wallingford and to me is greatly qualified to serve our community with his education and business experience.
This was taken from the website
“In my various dealings, I often meet people critical of the handling of one issue or another, on all levels of government. In these discussions, I am compelled to ask them “So? So what are you gong to do about it?’ And I ask myself the same question whenever I have a complaint about one issue or another.

“This is what I am doing about it. To address my issues and my concerns, I am running for Town Council to be a voice, to participate in the process and to make it better. Our town is a great one and is managed exceptionally well. We need to keep that focus and not let others distract us from what has been done well for so long. We must stay with the basic services of municipal government, performing them efficiently for the benefit of all the residents. And that means avoiding inconsequential projects taken on strictly for the sake of politics. That is my pledge to you”

You can find more information at his website
I know Tom has my vote this November.

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