Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jobs Can Not Be Saved, You Are Either Employed Or Unemployed. Simple.

You are either employed or unemployed in our economy. I am confused myself, when is a job saved that makes $30,000 a year worth spending $160,000 to save it? Only if you are trying to follow the massive pork laden economic stimulus bill which was shoved down taxpayers throats earlier this year. Yes the same bill that is now producing 10%+ unemployment, lowering consumer confidence and causing the national debt to skyrocket. The actual costs of the job creation aspect of the bill are enormous and poorly spent.
In all of my years of teaching economics I have never heard of the term "job saved". I can not believe that anyone in the Obama administration who actually understands economics would lower themselves to use this false term. In real economic terms, jobs are not saved, you either are employed or not employed (unemployed) - you do not have a job that was saved. If I have high enough enrollment at the Universities that I teach at, my class goes on and I teach it. I am employed by the University-not with a job that has been saved. It is the most ridiculous economic statement that I have ever heard of and I still can not believe the media actually reports it.
We have massive unemployment in our economy. The pork economic stimulus package has only added to our national debt and has done nothing for our economy. Try reporting that with the realism that jobs are not saved, the concept does not exist economically.

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