Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brodinsky Debates Himself and Wins The Debate! I Still Will Vote No On Charter Revision

Mike Brodinsky recently debated himself on Wallingford Charter Revision in front of no one but a public access television camera, no audience and minus that anti Charter revisionist revolutionary Steve Knight who rightfully declined the debate. And Brodinsky won the debate hands down! I guess when one debates oneself one can win a debate. However I thought a debate was engaged when more than one speaker was involved? I could be wrong by the Democratic interpretation of a debate-to that party it must mean we will push through our agenda through the Charter revision process, force them to accept our changes, strip the Mayor of one of his most important checks and balances powers (the veto, appointments and the like). And we will do it without the Democratic party even running a candidate for Mayor this election. Maybe with the time spent on Charter Revision they could have spent trying to actually field a candidate for Mayor. But there are separate rules for the Democratic party especially here in Wallingford.
I urge Wallingford voters to keep our current government strong and vote against Charter Revision next week.

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