Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jobs Can Not Be Saved, You Are Either Employed Or Unemployed. Simple.

You are either employed or unemployed in our economy. I am confused myself, when is a job saved that makes $30,000 a year worth spending $160,000 to save it? Only if you are trying to follow the massive pork laden economic stimulus bill which was shoved down taxpayers throats earlier this year. Yes the same bill that is now producing 10%+ unemployment, lowering consumer confidence and causing the national debt to skyrocket. The actual costs of the job creation aspect of the bill are enormous and poorly spent.
In all of my years of teaching economics I have never heard of the term "job saved". I can not believe that anyone in the Obama administration who actually understands economics would lower themselves to use this false term. In real economic terms, jobs are not saved, you either are employed or not employed (unemployed) - you do not have a job that was saved. If I have high enough enrollment at the Universities that I teach at, my class goes on and I teach it. I am employed by the University-not with a job that has been saved. It is the most ridiculous economic statement that I have ever heard of and I still can not believe the media actually reports it.
We have massive unemployment in our economy. The pork economic stimulus package has only added to our national debt and has done nothing for our economy. Try reporting that with the realism that jobs are not saved, the concept does not exist economically.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brodinsky Debates Himself and Wins The Debate! I Still Will Vote No On Charter Revision

Mike Brodinsky recently debated himself on Wallingford Charter Revision in front of no one but a public access television camera, no audience and minus that anti Charter revisionist revolutionary Steve Knight who rightfully declined the debate. And Brodinsky won the debate hands down! I guess when one debates oneself one can win a debate. However I thought a debate was engaged when more than one speaker was involved? I could be wrong by the Democratic interpretation of a debate-to that party it must mean we will push through our agenda through the Charter revision process, force them to accept our changes, strip the Mayor of one of his most important checks and balances powers (the veto, appointments and the like). And we will do it without the Democratic party even running a candidate for Mayor this election. Maybe with the time spent on Charter Revision they could have spent trying to actually field a candidate for Mayor. But there are separate rules for the Democratic party especially here in Wallingford.
I urge Wallingford voters to keep our current government strong and vote against Charter Revision next week.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michael Brooder for Wallingford Board of Education

I am using one of my votes to help elect Michael Brooder to the Wallingford Board of Education. Michael has a child in Rock Hill School and is active in our community. He also believes in a strong educational curriculum which address our economy's needs.
From the website
“As a father of a Rock Hill School student, I understand the need for a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for the 21st century. I firmly believe we must create a learning environment that assures educational opportunities for our students. I have been a longtime supporter of quality education. Drawing from my experience as a Certified Public Accountant and current community involvement, I will focus on fiscal responsibility and leadership for educational excellence for Wallingford.

“I look forward to serving the youth of Wallingford, their parents and the town’s citizens and take on this opportunity with vigor and enthusiasm. I am eager to take on this challenge and confident that with hard work and determination I can make a difference.”
I urge you to vote for Michael Brooder for Wallingford Board of Education.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rod Varney for Wallingford Board of Education

I am using one of my votes to help elect Rod Varney to the Wallingford Board of Education. Rod greatly impressed me with his views for Wallingford education especially since he has children in our schools in town.
From the website
"As a parent, my children’s education is of the utmost importance. Like all parents, we strive to give our children the best opportunities for a prosperus, healthy and happy future.

As a resident of Wallingford , my community is of great importance too. Wallingford is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, with an outstanding school system and a sound local government, Wallingford is a town we can all be proud of.

Though we have some challenges ahead in Board of Education, such as compliance with the No Child Left Behind law, budgetary and contract issue and keeping our schools a safe and healthy environment, I feel I can be an important part in such decision making.

If elected, it is my hope that with my fellow board members, we can make the Wallingford school system a shining example in this great state. "
I urge Wallingford voters to vote for Republican Rod Varney for Board of Education.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don Cornwall for Wallingford Board of Education

I am using one of my votes to help elect Don Cornwall to the Wallingford Board of Education. In discussions with Don I was impressed with his knowledge, experience and economic views for Wallingford education. Don has an extensive background in private industry which I feel will help his role on the Board.
From the website
I am seeking a position on the Board of Education because I have a strong desire to serve our community. I believe that being a husband and a dad to our two sons, as well as my skills and experiences as a business leader will assist me in the challenges and decision making of this position.
As an engineering graduate, I support a strong education. Throughout my career I’ve supported science and technology programs. I have worked through my employer to provide funding for the local high school’s participation in the US FIRST robotic competition and I sat on the board for the ‘Project Lead the Way’ program gaining certification for this rigorous curriculum which prepares students for a higher education in science and technology.

As a business leader, my responsibilities are global. My travel around the world has developed my understanding of the environment in which our children must be prepared to participate. I have been trained and practice the business principles of 6 sigma, a process with emphasis on continuous improvement and lean principles that drive efficiencies. Both of these of these concepts enable me to analyze situations and understand the real issues to provide effective solutions.

I stand for:
Continuous Academic improvements for All Students
I will work to monitor curriculum and ensure that it challenges and motivates our students to prepare them for the 21st century. I will strive to provide a learning environment to effectively teach our students throughout the entire school system.

Safety in Our Schools
I believe every child is entitled to a quality education in a safe and comfortable learning environment. I promote a zero-tolerance policy concerning drugs, alcohol, and violence in our schools.

Clear and Accountable Spending Policies
I will work to provide a quality education for our children while remaining sensitive to the economic climate. I will seek opportunities to save money, while exploring unique ways to generate revenue to assist our budget.

I urge Wallingford voters to elect Republican Don Cornwall to the Board of Education.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Joe Marrone for Wallingford Board of Education

I am using one of my votes to help elect Joe Marrone to the Wallingford Board of Education. I recently met Joe at the Taste of Wallingford and was impressed with his knowledge, youth and views for Wallingford's role in the future of education. Joe has been a lifelong resident of Wallingford, graduating from Sheehan High School in 1995.
From the website
“My wife and I chose to live here as we couldn’t think of a better place to raise our family. In these tough economic times, we need to make sure that our kids get a great education and the taxpayers get a great value for their tax dollars.”
I urge Wallingford voters to elect Republican Joe Marrone to the Board of Education.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yet Another Socialistic Health Care Bill

Yes, yet another socialistic health care bill is getting closer to reality. We as taxpayers do not know what is in it but like everything else in this administration if we do not pass it immediately and implement it when another administration comes into office, our country will fall apart. Just the the economic pork stimulus bill, just like cap and trade, just like turning your back on your allies and embracing your enemies. Yes just like all of that.
We are now closer to real pain and suffering, real illness and most importantly massive tax increases that our economy can not afford. No, all of these pet issues are much more important than the current dismantling of our free market, capitalistic economic system. It is also much more important than free market job creation for our economy.
Thus we will continue to see poor and inept leadership along with massive national debt, excessive taxation and a socialistic health care system. Wow, I am getting sick already, is it 2010 yet?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vincent Cervoni For Wallingford Town Council

Another strong candidate that the Wallingford Republican party is running for Town Council this election is Vincent Cervoni. He is in favor of low taxes and continued economic growth for Wallingford. He is in favor of tax incentives to help bring more small businesses to Wallingford. In my opinion Cervoni would an excellent addition to the Town Council for the taxpayers of Wallingford.

Taken from the Wallingford GOP website,
“I have made my home in Wallingford for fifteen years and am proud to be a resident of this Town. I believe that the quality of life for Wallingford residents is terrific in light of the variety of services and opportunities available to residents. I have enjoyed public service and my prior experience in municipal government. I would enjoy the opportunity to utilize my municipal and leadership experience to represent the residents of Wallingford on the Town Council.”
You can find more information at his website
Mr. Cervoni has my vote this November.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Unrealistic Baucus Plan

Another socialistic health plan. What is another $829 billion dollars spent? It supposedly saves $81 billion dollars. How, if you spending $829 billion dollars and raising taxes by about $313 billion dollars? Those using Medicare advantage will see a massive cut in their policies as spending for that will be cut by over $117 billion dollars. Thus senior citizens will have cuts in their health care, do not be fooled by the new rhetoric coming out of this plan. Immediacy is not realistic as this plan will take over 10 years to implement (like the failed economic stimulus plan, no results, high debt). Thus why the rush? Why the waste of taxpayers monies? Why in the face of taxpayer opposition must we accept a bad law and costly mandate? All for the socialist and failed economic policies of the Obama administration.
Obamacare and Baucuscare will help bankrupt our country and make America sick. All in the spirit of socialistic change. They are other healthy alternatives to this medical debacle.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Craig Fishbein for Wallingford Town Council

Another strong candidate that the Wallingford Republican party is running for Town Council this election is Craig Fishbein. I admire his views especially on limited government and his disgust with the Charter Revision debacle (please vote no also for charter revision). He is articulate and in my opinion would be an excellent representative for the taxpayers of Wallingford.

Taken from the Wallingford GOP website,, “I am a candidate for Town Council because I believe in limited government; a government based on providing essential services rather than excessive, intrusive regulation. People do not work for the benefit of government, but rather, it is the government that works for the benefit of the people. That is what we have in Wallingford, and we need leadership on the Town Council to retain that philosophy into the future.”
If you go to you will find more information about our future Town Councilor Craig Fishbein.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tom Laffin for Wallingford Town Council

I like Tom Laffin. I am going to vote for him as one of my votes for Wallingford Town Council. Tom currently is on the Wallingford Board of Education serving his second term. He is articulate when it comes to issues that have come before him at the Board of Education. He is a life long resident of Wallingford and to me is greatly qualified to serve our community with his education and business experience.
This was taken from the website
“In my various dealings, I often meet people critical of the handling of one issue or another, on all levels of government. In these discussions, I am compelled to ask them “So? So what are you gong to do about it?’ And I ask myself the same question whenever I have a complaint about one issue or another.

“This is what I am doing about it. To address my issues and my concerns, I am running for Town Council to be a voice, to participate in the process and to make it better. Our town is a great one and is managed exceptionally well. We need to keep that focus and not let others distract us from what has been done well for so long. We must stay with the basic services of municipal government, performing them efficiently for the benefit of all the residents. And that means avoiding inconsequential projects taken on strictly for the sake of politics. That is my pledge to you”

You can find more information at his website
I know Tom has my vote this November.