Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Socialized Health Care Still Will Not Work

Socialized health care will still not work. No matter what ridiculously written bills one looks at, I can not see any form of socialized health care working. The simplest plan to help legal citizens obtain health insurance who do not have it is to give them a tax credit for the cost of their insurance. Why is this option so difficult to understand? Why has this administration wasted so much of our tax monies campaigning for their failed plan? What purpose does it actually serve other than force governmental control over our health and contribute to the vastly expanding national debt? Power and control of our lives is the key to the Obama administration.
Socialized health care is a miserable plan. American taxpayers do not want it nor do we wish to insure illegal immigrants in our country. Congress and this administrations' lack of response to those taxpayers who are vehemently against this plan need to be heard once and for all. The 2010 elections will help vote out of office these failed representatives and senators. And then maybe our elected officials can see that the biggest problem we have in our economy is jobs and the lack of them. It is the economy. Trust me.

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