Monday, September 21, 2009

What About The Economy?

Yes, what about the economy? Or better yet how does an economy pay for socialized health care, a failed economic stimulus, a supposed carbon tax cap and trade and other numerous socialistic programs being promoted by the Obama Administration.
I am curious, how are we as an economy going to pay for all of this? It still has yet to be explained to me nor has it been explained by this administration. Yes, what about the economy?
In my economic opinion, we are on the high road to massive national debt for the long term with all of these negative economic programs which are being forced on taxpayers. Can you explain to me in economic terms how socialized health care will create cost savings in our economy? From everything that I have read I still can see no savings just massive amounts of spending. And at the same time we have massive amounts of unemployment which is not going away any time soon with these programs.
Yes, what about the economy? Maybe some elected official could answer that question. Too bad our leaders are deaf to the economy and to the reality of capitalism.

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