Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Connecticut's Dead Economy

For all intents and purposes, Connecticut's economy is dead. It has died a long and painful death, led by the misery created by the long line of liberal Democratic leaders who have heaped tax upon tax, law upon law, rule upon rule on business and industry in our state. State unemployment will take another jolt with Pratt moving a large portion of its operations out of state. They are moving out of state because it is cheaper to do business in many other states in our country. It is no longer profitable to do business in Connecticut with excessive taxes, excessive laws, excessive workers compensation costs and excessive transportation costs. The blame lies directly with the Connecticut Democratic party. Their liberalism has failed our economy miserably and they still do not understand the consequences of their actions. No, they continue to embrace high taxes, excessive laws and regulations and failed social policies. They are the cause of our demise not the business and industry that support these inept and economically illiterate leaders. Eventually the shell that is called our economy will be no more and these Democratic leaders will be forced to pawn their spoils.
Connecticut needs the 88% program. Hopefully in 2010 with a new Governor and an entirely new legislature, they will come in with a budget that sets spending at 88% of current levels and starts to create the change that is so vital to help our economy once again by lowering state spending and taxes. If voters choose these same stale legislators, you might as well put up a for sale sign and move...I know many will especially businesses.

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