Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Coming Economic Storm

Out of the alleys of Hartford, the coming economic storm is brewing. Excessive debt, high taxes and non productivity is entrapping Connecticut. It is like a cancer spreading its tumors through all aspects of our society, communities and economy. It is the result of years of excessive and out-of-control spending coupled with high taxes, high workers compensation costs, high transportation costs and a corrupted politcial heirarchy. Its unfunded mandates and high long term debt only continues the waves of the economic storm. We have no captain or leader trying to ride out the storm but just a bunch of egotistical, self promoting and economicaly illiterate politicians swimming further into the storm only to drown in their own neglect.
The coming economic storm is fast approaching. A do-nothing legislature has helped to create and nuture it to its own political adavantage. Connecticut will continue to decline economically until we see actually leadership in Hartford. Can the storm end in November 2010?

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David X said...

Bob, the tide may change sooner than you predict.


David X