Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Behind The Scenes Raise Your Fees Assembly

Connecticut Democrats never cease to amaze me in their unethical dealings with taxpayers. The latest is the the behind the scenes, behind close doors, 2am raising all of our licenses and fees especially for driving. The Democrats who are obviously clueless to the current negative economic conditions in our state will raise $60 million more in these fees to help continue to fuel their unlimited and unchecked and out-of-control spending. Governor Rell has every right to veto this as she should have vetoed the final budget. I thought everything was finished but Democrats have had to waste more taxpayers monies by calling two special sessions already. They only have a year to get their act together but still can not figure anything out as of 9/25. It is a sham of leadership.
The waste of taxpayers monies will mercifully come to an end when we elect a new Governor and General Assembly in 2010. And hopefully the Democrats will become a minority party here for years to come. They are incompetent to lead.

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