Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Is It Unpatriotic To Disagree About Socialized Medicine?

Again why is it unpatriotic to disagree about socialized health care? Since when did we lose our freedom of speech in our country? Why can't we disagree about a 1000+page socialized medicine bill that Congress and Administration are ignorant about nor have not even read? Why must we pay for socialized medicine for those who are here in our country illegally? How are we going to pay for this far reaching and freedom grabbing socialized health care plan besides raising taxes and the national debt? What right does the Federal government have to decide who can live and who can die? What right does the Federal government have to tell parents how to raise their children? What right does the Federal government have to nationalize our insurance companies?
I can only see harm to our health and harm to our economy financially from this socialized health care plan which was thrown together by Congress. It is a bad plan which will ultimately lead to bad results in our economy. America is against socialized health care and will prevail in this fight. This plan makes America sick.

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