Friday, August 21, 2009

The Socialized Health Care Debacle Continues

And on it goes, the socialized health care debacle. Taxes and cost savings do not logically follow in economics. Nor do they follow in any way in the socialized health care debacle. How will the government pay for this new socialized health care plan? The only way possible is through higher taxes. Higher payroll taxes, higher personal income taxes (although Congress will exempt themselves from it) and the rationing of care due to its cost (yes some will live and other will die due to the economic structure of the plan in its current form). Thus with our economy already in a massive recession, we are going to raise taxes yet again and create even more economic stagnation along with a poor and sickly health care system. The burden that this socialized health care system will place on our economy, gross domestic product and the national debt will be felt for generations to come. All of this because a small minority in our economy do not have health insurance, all of this because liberals wish to insure illegal immigrants in our country and all of this because instead of worrying about realistic new job formation in our economy through the private sector, this administration needs to show the American public their disregard for basic economics.
As I have stated before this socialized health care plan will help to make America more sick. And also will raise your taxes and help to create more unemployment. What a waste...


Eric said...

The majority of the initiatives that would pay for reform will come from cutting waste, fraud, and abuse within existing government health programs; ending big subsidies to insurance companies; and increasing efficiency with such steps as coordinating care and streamlining paperwork. We want to take money that is already being spent on health care and re-allocate it toward reforms that lower costs and assure quality affordable health care for all Americans.

The cuts we are talking about involve spending that currently does not improve care for Americans. For example, we would save $177 billion in unwarranted subsidies to the insurance industry in the next ten years and put that money into actual care for people. These and other reforms will strengthen and stabilize Medicare.

But it’s not enough to stop there. Health insurance reform must also encourage the kinds of reforms we know will save money in the long run: preventive care; computerized record-keeping; and comparative effectiveness studies to expose wasteful procedures and hospitalizations and give doctors the tools to make the right treatments for you.

We currently spend more than $2 trillion dollars a year on health care. Health insurance reform will make a short-term investment of roughly $100 billion a year to lower costs and relieve the crushing financial burden that is eating into family budgets, forcing families into bankruptcy, making it hard for businesses to expand and grow, and preventing the government from using your tax dollars to create jobs, improve education, rebuild our infrastructure. Health insurance reform would be fully paid for over 10 years, and it would not add one penny to the deficit.

Let’s also remember that we can’t afford not to reform health care. The cost of inaction is too high. Health care spending has grown in recent years three times faster than average wages. Premiums have doubled in this decade. Out of pocket costs for people with insurance have gone up by 32 percent. Businesses are buckling under health care costs. One out of every six dollars in this country is spent on health care. Soon it will be one in five. If we do nothing, in 30 years, one third of this country’s economic output will be tied up in the health care system. Health care is the fastest-growing item in the federal budget. It is absolutely unsustainable. These costs are crushing families and businesses, keeping wages flat, stunting our economic growth, strangling our government. We have to bring costs under control now.

Bob Swick said...

First I know of no federal government program which would cut waste, fraud and abuse from medical care, that is wishful liberal thinking. Sort of like the pay off by Big Pharma to this administration.
Second, Medicare due to its setting artificially low payments to providers causes rationing to place in the marketplace. In what way does government understand Medicare other than it is basically bankrupt? And where in any of the bills currently floated (none written by the President) are not businesses going to hammered by high health care taxes to support this socialized program? I personally do not one red cent of my tax money being spent by the federal government to create jobs in the economy, there is no trickle up effect that does not exist in economics nor will in any way shape or form will health care reform be paid for in ten years, one can not prove that with the unrealistic figures that are being spouted by the administration. The costs of this socialized health care plan are staggering and will only contribute to the national debt for generations to come. Socialists want to control health care and they will only make America more sick.
Sorry but your arguments are not valid, they are a simplistic socialistic view.