Saturday, August 15, 2009

Economic Stimulation In Connecticut?

What is that? Economic stimulation in Connecticut. I see that Connecticut taxpayers get their bone thrown at them this coming week when they do not have to pay sales tax on clothes purchases. By doing this our Legislature feels they are making up for the remaining 51 weeks in the year that they are grossly overtaxing both businesses and individual taxpayers in our state. Economic stimulation could occur in our economy if our Democratic super majority actually cut state spending and cut taxes. By cutting taxes more monies are allowed to flow through our economy and the ultimate net result is greater tax revenues. Higher taxes create economic stagnation and result in lower tax revenues in the state. However this falls on the deaf ears of the Democratic super majority as their only concern is to satisfy their own self interest and inflated egos. In my economic opinion it will be many years before Connecticut recovers from this economic recession we have. We need to start new in Connecticut. New state budgets with low spending along with a slashing of taxes. Then and only then would our state start to move forward and be once again a vibrant economically growing economy. Economic stimulation will never occur with the economically illiterate politicians that we have who are in charge and ruining Connecticut.

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