Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deal - What Deal? Dodd Does Not Know?

I have to laugh at the debacle of Senator Chris Dodd. New and more damaging information comes out from a Countrywide official that Dodd knew he was getting a sweetheart mortgage deal. Yes he knew according this official. Immediately going further into crisis mode, the Dodd camp continues to deny knowing anything.
Are you really going to believe that? Are taxpayers and voters in Connecticut that stupid that the head of the Senate Banking Committee did not know he was getting a special friends deal? Is he that ignorant of the facts? If he is that ignorant how can he be functioning as our Senator? And as head of the Senate Banking Committee? I can see how Dodd has help to erode our economy in his position.
This debacle has gone on long enough. Why are taxpayers still supporting Dodd? Why is he still our Senator? Why is there no investigation going on here in Connecticut by our public officials who supposedly guard us from these issues (i.e., Attorney Generals Office)? Why not a recall election this year so he can be voted out of office instead of 2010?
Ethics is lacking in Washington, Chris Dodd's actions speak for this. It is time for Dodd to resign.

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