Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Freedom Will Come To Many Countries

Freedom will eventually come to Iran. As it came to many former communist states, it will come to many other non free countries such as Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Burma and North Korea. Freedom will come due to the overriding humanitarian view that no man has the right to control another man. The elitist dictators that rule these countries will eventually fail and freedom will reign. They can only support their military for so long and can only strip basic economic rights from the people they rule for so long. Whether it is a year or 30, these countries will eventually be free. What we are seeing in Iran with or without the support of the United States shows that their 12th century view of the world is failing and that freedom will be the overriding view for the country. Freedom in which many lives will be lost so as others may enjoy it.

This concept of freedom for whatever reason is lost upon the simplistic liberal view of many in our country today. Liberals for whatever reason hate freedom and its responsibilities, its challenges and its role in the world. Iran will become free. And those other countries that I have mentioned will also become free. Those who have died and are willing to die for that freedom will make sure it happens.

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