Thursday, June 04, 2009

What Budget? What Do You Mean We Need A Budget?

How pathetic. No budget. The Connecticut Democratic super majority has to now waste more taxpayers monies by calling a special session to try to figure out a budget. I mean they only had four plus months to try to develop a budget which is critical for our state's economy. Then they blame Governor Rell who actually has presented two alternatives to them. But no they can't do it. The Democratic super majority really can't do anything in Hartford. They are powerless, preoccupied with their special interest and pet projects and corrupt members who make a mockery of Connecticut's government. Preoccupied with trivial and meaningless laws and rules eliminating our personal freedoms under the guise of good government. Their form of government is a mockery to the taxpayers of our state who must support their failures. Their failure has been no leadership and to do what is best for the taxpayers of Connecticut. No, the Connecticut Democratic super majority is a useless exercise in self promotion and self interest void of ethics. Haven't you had enough of your tax monies wasted in this manner to support this sham? The Democrats have failed miserably governing Connecticut.
How pathetic. No budget.

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