Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The New Honest Chris Dodd

Honesty is the best policy. And now we see a new come clean, come on I deserve to reelected by a landslide Chris Dodd. Our new and improved honest Senator has disclosed that his deal in Ireland has increased in value-what made it increase in the worse world wide real estate downturn is any one's guess. But that is what makes our new and now honest Senator so great. Even though we still do not have any more information about his sweetheart deals with Countywide mortgage, even though he helped pass the bill to bail them out and even though he was responsible for the financial debacle we are experiencing as head of the Senate Banking committee, he deserves our vote. None of that matters, because in his own mind and in his public relations efforts, we know he is a honest man. We will know all the great things he has done to increase our taxes, raise our interest rates, promote himself and his wife through her sweetheart Board of Directors jobs and help create our financial crisis during his reelection campaign.
Dodd's reward should be his resignation from office immediately for all of his lies. But taxpayers will have to listen for the next year and a half about our "honest" Senator.

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