Monday, June 08, 2009

Illogical Economic Programs

We have on a national level a group of illogical economic programs which are being shoved on our economy which are creating havoc in our economy. The government's irrational trickle up economic stimulus plan is failing miserably. The Obama Administration stress to pass at any cost its first economic stimulus package at roughly a $12 trillion dollar long term debt cost to our economy has proven to be fatal to our economy. Unemployment continues to go up, our long term national debt continues to go up and lastly there continues to be a great lack of consumer confidence in our economy. Taking all three into consideration, Mr. Obama depending on the speech and the time will state that things are turning around and or like today things are really bad. I guess for effect and for drama the economic manipulations by this administration is showing taxpayers how little they know about the economy and how little impact the additional $12 trillion dollars in debt is having supposedly turning our economy around. In simplistic terms we have a created a great deal of national debt and have little to show for it. Thus after almost six months of blaming former President Bush, we can now fully blame this administration for its blatant mishandling of the economy. It has failed completely and it will take years to undo this economic mess.

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