Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Ethics in the United States Congress?

What do you mean by ethics being found in our United States Congress? I personally can not see it. Brave Republicans along with 29 Democrats brought to vote a campaign finance inquiry that would have investigated several influential Democrats in particular Rep. John Murtha and his connections to the lobbying firm PMA. PMA was raided last year by the FBI with records being removed from the company. Murtha along with fellow Democrats, Rep. Jim Moran, and Rep. Peter Visclosky, were able to channel $137 million to defense contractors who were paying this lobbying firm, PMA to get them government contracts. I guess this was ethical. I guess there was little wrong with this gross violation of ethics. And why have an inquiry of the Democrats who did it? We as taxpayers realize that there are no laws which govern Congress. Just look at our poster child, Chris Dodd and his lack of values. We know if the Republicans had did this, the investigation would have commenced. Eight times the Republicans have brought up this measure and I hope next time it passes. Maybe if you have time write your Representative and ask what they afraid of by this investigation. Truth does hurt especially when you have no ethics.

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