Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Name Is Swick-Spell It Right

It is not a tough name to spell S w i c k. Swick. We just moved to another house here in Wallingford and I have been floored by the number of misspellings made and the number of mailings sent to us selling us every service known to mankind. My wife uses her maiden name which further confuses the folks who actively sell these lists.
The winner take all in these botched mailing lists is Councilman Mike Brodinsky Democrat of Wallingford. Yesterday we received two form letters from him with my last name spelled Swicki and my wife's Bently (it should be Bentley). These variations on our names came from a second batch of mailings that we started receiving in late March (I have also gotten Sweck, Swiick and Swck). Mike's letter was interesting and his magnet with his name on it was cute. However since all of that went into the garbage I would have hoped that a prominent Democrat such as Brodinsky would realize who I was and not waste two stamps sending it out to my wife and I since we are both Republicans and I am on the Town Committee. To me it is just another example of how an elected Democrat works. Please try to remember my name is Swick next time you buy a mailing list.

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